Managing Your Social Media Footprint for High Impact & Less Stress

Over the next few months, my Co-Founder, Peggy Doyle and I will be leading video conversations with many of the remarkable entrepreneurs in our Marketplace. These women represent a wide range of expertise, skills and businesses. You’ll get to know them, learn from them and find out how to work them too.

Our most recent event, Managing Your Social Media Footprint for Low Stress and High Impact, featured guest expert Aliza Sherman, a digital media marketing strategist, social mobile community builder and web pioneer. Aliza’s early work helped paved the way for today’s new media industry and she literally wrote the book on social media, including Social Media Engagement for Dummies, part of the popular series from John Wiley.

Aliza’s specialty is making technology more accessible to us humans. NEWSWEEK named her one of the "Top 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet" and FAST COMPANY calls her one of the "Most Powerful Women in Technology."

In this Hangout, Aliza talks about how we can build and maintain our social media and online presence to enhance and promote what we do, without having social media marketing take over our lives. Aliza shares her top tips, favorite apps and best planning methods, so we can all get more out of our social media with less stress, in less time.

Some highlights from our conversation with Aliza:

We all want to connect, communicate and spread the word about our brands. The most important thing is staying focused and disciplined.

When you are building a brand you want to get into the mindset of a marketer. First, you you want to identify your goals, your audience and your actions. What are the “key goals” you’re trying to achieve with social media? Try to come up with 2 or 3 tangible and measurable goals, in addition to your overarching goals.

Then think about “who” you are trying to reach and the “actions” you want them to take. Scheduling your social media is essential. Aliza uses Google Spreadsheets, which are collaborative and sharable, to plot out her social media posting schedule. (You can use Excel too.) She starts with days of the week and then she decides the time of day she’s going to post on each network, because every network has a different rhythm. LinkedIn is much better in the mornings. Facebook posts attract the most attention in the afternoon and evenings. Twitter is more global, so you can post anytime.

Plan and prep daily, but think weekly and monthly. What important events are coming up in your business? What do you need to plan ahead for? Then, back up and put slots in your spread- sheet related to what’s coming up.

Also, as you’re planning your messaging, think about repeatable key messages. Do you want to get people to sign up for your newsletter, purchase your book, or come to your regular weekly or monthly events? Plan out a schedule for repeating these kinds of posts.

You can also use a scheduling tool to help. Aliza’s favorite app is Buffer. She likes Buffer because there are several ways you can use it. If you see an article you like, you can bookmark and Buffer the article with a link and save it for the future.

One more thing. Make sure you schedule a time to prep your social media. Aliza preps for the whole week on Sundays and fills in new content she finds inspiring during the week.

Want to learn more from Aliza? You can watch the entire Hangout right here. There are a few technical glitches toward the end of the Hangout, but there's so much valuable information that we decided to share the whole video, nonetheless.

Please add your questions and comments and Aliza/we will be sure to respond!


In our latest Google Hangout on Air, WNWN member & social media marketing expert, Aliza Sherman, shares her top tips, favorite apps and best planning methods to get more out of your social media and online presence.