Want to Add 7.5 Years to Your Life? Start Pushing Back Against Ageism

Don’t miss our video conversation with ‘This Chair Rocks’ author and anti-ageism activist, Ashton Applewhite. Ashton blows up myth after myth about aging and tells us what we stand to gain if we shift to a positive perception about aging and see the power in who we are at every age. 

Most of us have experienced some kind of ageism, with people assuming we’re “too old” for something, whether it’s a job, a hair cut, an outfit, or a surfboard. With her new book, 'This Chair Rocks', Ashton Applewhite is leading a revolution against society’s stereotypes about growing older. And we’re all for it, because here at WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, we’re continually reinventing and re-envisioning our own lives and careers.

Ashton tells us why we need to throw out these outmoded ideas about aging and explains why denying and lying about our age just reinforces society’s messages that it’s “bad to be old.”

Some of the territory we covered in our conversation includes:

• The idea that ageism takes root in age denial and pretending we’re not going to get old. Age is a spectrum and we’re all older or younger than someone else.

• The double standard of aging for men and women, and the fact that bosses stop investing in women’s careers about 10 years earlier than they do in men’s.

• Comparing ageism to racism and sexism, suggesting we take a page from the women’s movement and fight back, seeing the power in who we are at every age and enlarging our ideas about beauty.

• The notion that people with positive perceptions about aging actually live about 7.5 years longer.

• Becoming an “old person in training” and using the mental trick of imagining the powerful older person we’re going to become.

If you weren’t able to attend our live event, we hope you’ll take the time to watch now and share your ideas about ageism.

And you'll also want to pick up a copy Ashton’s newly released book, This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism on Amazon. We guarantee you won't feel the same about aging after reading it!