WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Expands to The Hamptons


In March, we had our first WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT: The Hamptons, get-together at Mandala Yoga in Amagansett, New York.

Twenty phenomenal women connected with other entrepreneurs, artists, writers, consultants and small business owners, sharing stories about their careers and their next steps. The afternoon was a powerful one for all of us.

Our group ranged in age from about 35 to 75 and the stories we told about our ongoing journeys and reinventions revealed so much about our common paths as women. Each of us had shifted gears many times, pausing along the way to re-examine what was most important to us and continuing to grow and evolve.

While we all lived in The Hamptons full time or part time, the majority of us had never met before. Some of us had halted our careers because we were caring for our kids. Others altered our plans to care for aging parents, or moved out East for our husband’s careers. Coming together in a circle in the nurturing environment of Mandala Yoga created a bond that enabled us to feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest in our shared self-inquiry.

As we sat in our circle led by WNWN Co-Founder, Joanne Friedland Roberts and Leadership Consultant and Coach, Jane Modoono, we all answered 4 questions:

1) What kind of work do you do or hope to do?

2) What’s your next step?

3) What support do you need?

4) What support can you offer?

To say our careers and experiences ran the gamut would be an understatement. Terri is a photographer whose childhood daydreams led her to explore countries like Niger, Tibet and China, documenting tribal cultures in small villages around the world. Susan quit a successful modeling career to become a lawyer, real estate developer and serial entrepreneur. Mae’s an artist, ceramicist and people-connector working hard to get Hillary Clinton elected, and Patty’s a store-owner turned theater producer, who also runs a foundation. All of us are connecting the dots of our experience to expand our options and pursue our passions.

In the week following our get-together Helen, the Educational Director at The Retreat, followed-up with Traci, an accomplished actor and coach, who provided a free one hour session to help Helen think thru strategies for an upcoming event. A Mandala client hearing about our workshop, connected with Helen, and organized a Girl Scout shoe drive, collecting 150 pairs of shoes, boots and sneakers that were urgently needed by Helen’s shelter clients.

Many of the women have become members of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT’s online community too. Meaningful new connections have been made since the women first asked each other for support.  

It’s been extremely inspiring to experience the power of women supporting women. And we’re all eager to continue supporting each other as we take on “what’s next,” finding new ways to collaborate.

We hope you’ll join us for Launch and Grow Your Ventures, a new 4-part series from WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT: The Hamptons focusing on ways to redefine what’s next in your business, so you can bring your vision to fruition.

The series will be held at Mandala Yoga on 5/21, 6/18, 6/25 and 7/9.