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Today's post is written by guest contributor & WNWN Marketplace Member, Melissa Fu, Owner of Spilling the Ink.

Who will come?

When I first started my Writing Circles, this was one of the biggest questions in my mind. Who would want to participate in a writing community where we would be sharing fledgling words, witnessing each others’ growth, and learning together as we went along?

As I put adverts in local village magazines and stuck posters up on notice boards and telephone poles, I felt like I was calling out, “Welcome!  Please join me, whoever you are, wherever you are!  You know who you are, even if I don’t.” 

Slowly and surely, names and registrations started trickling in.  Who were these people? A scientist, a nurse, a yoga teacher, a children’s author, a journalist, a physician, a social worker, parents, artists, teachers.  The mix was wide and wonderful.  Not everyone was a professional, published writer, although some were.  Not everyone had a degree in creative writing, although some did.  Some had left school at 16 and had learned to love reading, writing and storytelling outside a formal structure.  Some had written and edited reports as a part of their jobs but were thirsty to explore the realm of open creativity.  What everyone had in common was a desire to write and share their words.  

Each time I’ve run a writing circle, I’ve found that the different backgrounds of the participants add interest and layers of perspective unique to that combination of writers. I love that I get to cross paths with people whom I might not have otherwise met. One of the biggest sources of joy for me from my Writing Circles has been that so many different kinds of people have come forward.

When I describe my role in the Writing Circles, I consciously call myself a facilitator, not leader or teacher. It’s not that I teach people how or what to write, it’s more that I look for ways to let the stories we already carry within emerge onto paper. I spend my energy thinking about how to create a container for varied creative processes. My aim is to shape the time so that people leave with words falling out of their minds and into their notebooks. My expertise is in finding ways of ‘opening doors and windows’ as one recent participant put it. The participants, the writers, are the bringers of content and desire. I facilitate bringing that content into being. Perhaps I am practicing a midwifery of words.  

Writing Circles are not just for established writers. We welcome and thrive on contributions from participants at all levels from all types of professions. You don’t have to be a published author with several books and by-lines to claim your own words. You just have to show up, sit down, and write. Doing so in the company of others who have walked wildly different paths from yours to arrive at the same table is both eye-opening and inspiring.

So, if you have a pocketful of stories and an itch to put pen to paper, join us. We’d be delighted to hear what you have to say.

Join the Conversation

On January 26 at noon, PDT (8 pm BST), I’ll be running a one-hour online event for WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT showcasing my flagship writing course, Spilling the Ink.  This workshop is a great chance to explore how a writing practice can bring forth the stories you carry within you, and open a path to creative inspiration in your own life and business.  We’ll try out a few writing and responding activities on a virtual platform. 

Curious?  Sign up for this event here. Register soon as spaces are limited to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and everyone’s words are witnessed. 


About Melissa

As a long-term teacher of creative writing workshops in New York City, London and Cambridge, England, Melissa Fu has years of experience in helping writers and non-writers alike find ways to claim and hone their voices. She believes that everyone has interesting things to say and valuable perspectives to offer. Given time, space, and loving attention, these insights can emerge and be polished into gems for friends, family and not-yet-discovered kindred spirits.