In,Out & Around: A Conversation with Amy Eller, Owner, Triple Space Design

This week we launched our new Event series featuring the experts from the WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Marketplace

 WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Events are designed to showcase the wide range of businesses, skills and expertise represented in our network of women entrepreneurs, artists, consultants and small business owners. Our events provide an opportunity for a wider audience to learn about their companies, their career paths, and find out about how to work with them too. And they take place online via Google Hangouts, so more of our members from around the world can participate.

Over the coming months, my Co-Founder, Joanne Roberts and I will be leading conversations with more of the experts in our Marketplace. Check our Events page regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed on the schedule. And let us know if you’d like to bring your own expertise to our community in a future WNWN Event.

The amazingly talented, Amy Eller, owner of Triple Space Design, kicked off our Event series in her own inimitable style.  Amy is a Lifestyle Evangelist who works across industries and disciplines to bring clients to the next level of success.  Amy’s years of experience as an award winning environmental designer, creative director, and health & wellness coach have taught her the importance of aligning outer presentation with a strong structural foundation. At her core, Amy is a holistic healer whose knowledge of integrative therapies informs everything she does. She embodies what she preaches, helping individuals, companies and communities achieve excellence by making more powerful choices.

Amy shared her expert advice on how to find the time in our busy lives to align, balance and care for our inner and outer selves, and once we’ve achieved that, how to create a sanctuary in our home or office that supports and enriches our everyday lives.

Some highlights from our conversation with Amy:

"When a woman comes to me wanting to regain her youthful edge the first thing we do is have a conversation about who she is NOW. In yoga we say all you have is this one breath right now and its true. I am not the same woman I was a year ago or 5 yrs ago or 10 years ago. And I bet you aren’t either. The woman you are today has all this knowledge and experience and wit and wisdom to share and she shouldn’t being wearing another woman's clothes, haircut, or make-up... or sleeping in her bed either."

"The most important thing is to be as nice to yourself as you are to everyone else. Make sure you are on time with your check ups and that you are sure to include a full hormone panel because it ain’t no secret that hormones rule the world. What we eat needs to feed our body and soul because the one thing I do know for sure is all this embracing of change takes a whole lot of energy and the 50 year old mind and body requires different fuel then the 35 year old mind and body."

Joanne and I’d like to send a huge thank you to Amy Eller for sharing her wit, wisdom and expertise!

Want to learn more from Amy? You can watch the entire Hangout right here. Please add your questions and comments too and Amy/we will be sure to respond!