How To Reach More Customers AND Support Other Women Entrepreneurs

Are you struggling to market your business? What if there were an easier way to reach more customers while also helping other women entrepreneurs like you?

When we talk to women entrepreneurs and ask them to identify their biggest challenges, overwhelmingly the response we hear is sales and marketing. Not only is it time-consuming for the solo entrepreneur or small business owner who 'wears all the hats' in their business. Over time, even if they’ve built a substantial list, it also becomes more and more difficult to reach new customers and clients.

That's why we're so excited to launch our latest new feature, the WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Marketplace, by and for women entrepreneurs. Our new, collaborative Marketplace is designed to let our Members directly promote and sell their products, services, and offers, and find the products and services they want and need themselves.

As we launch the Marketplace, we’d like to share one success story from the pilot test of the idea that helped us understand the benefit a collaborative Marketplace would have for our community.

Solving Business Challenges Through Connections Made on WNWN

Jenn Miller, COO of Audiosocket, needed a digital marketing consultant to help her analyze why her search and social media paid campaigns weren’t giving her the results she wanted. Jenn submitted her request for help with this analysis via our pilot test of the Marketplace that  we launched over the summer.

We connected Jenn with Natascha Thomson, Owner of MarketingXLerator. Natascha had the exact right mix of skills and experience that Jenn needed. Not only did she have a mastery of integrated digital marketing, she also had experience in B2B (business to business) marketing - the area where Audiosocket needed the most help.

The result? Jenn and her team at Audiosocket got the help they needed with their digital marketing campaigns, and Natascha connected with a new customer.

Jenn had this to say about the experience, “It was great to connect with Natascha through WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT. I would never have found her otherwise. Her two-hour assessment workshop really helped me and my team identify how we needed to adapt our campaigns - and overall digital marketing strategy - for greater success. We plan on further engaging with Natascha’s marketing services moving forward. ”

The feedback we received from both Jenn and Natascha as they went through the process of using our pilot version of the Marketplace helped us refine and improve upon the experience. Their feedback, along with other market research we performed at the time, led us to create the full-service Marketplace that we’re launching now.

If you think you can benefit from sharing your products and services in our Marketplace, we invite you to join! It's free to create any number of listings. You only pay a small commission if your listing results in a sale.  Get started here

Want to learn more about how it works? Click here.