How to Create a Powerful Brand Story for Your Business


When someone asks what your company does, do you find it hard to answer in a clear and compelling way that makes them want to work with you? If so, you’re not alone.

Over the years at WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, I’ve met with and mentored hundreds of women entrepreneurs and I’ve listened to them explain their businesses. The majority of them have trouble describing exactly what makes their business unique and why that matters to potential customers and clients. And their businesses are suffering as a result.

Creating stories, particularly brand stories has played an important role in my own life as a TV and digital media producer and entrepreneur. I’ve had to be very clear about what set my brands and businesses apart, and what would keep customers and viewers coming back day after day and week after week. So every time I meet a woman who’s finding it hard to explain the value of what her company offers I always want to jump in and help. Every business owner needs a story that makes her company standout from the crowd in a way that will resonate with potential customers, clients and partners.

As you craft and fine-tune stories for your own brands, here are a few things to think about and questions to ask yourself:

• What is the key reason your company exists?

What does your company do and why do you do it? What’s your purpose and what do you stand for? What is the one big idea that sets you apart from the competition? Your USP, or unique sales proposition is a simple statement that describes the reason your business exists. You want to share this story every time you meet with a potential customer or client and make them want to know more.

• What will keep your clients and customers coming back day after day and week after week?

Who are your ideal customers? Think about the products and services you sell and how your customers and clients will interact with your brand? What will keep them coming back for more? What value do you bring that is different from other businesses like yours? Be very specific.

• Is your messaging clearly crafted and unified across all outlets?

Make sure your branding conveys a clear and simple message about what you stand for, what you offer and how that will benefit your customers. All the messaging you convey across your website, social media, newsletter and print materials should be in alignment with your brand story. Your logo, color palette and imagery should support your messaging. Keep your language as straightforward and as memorable as possible. Be consistent over time and across all your distribution outlets.

Don’t stress out if you find these questions hard to answer on your own. It will definitely take some time to absorb these ideas and questions. If you want help, WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT’s new “Small Business Growth Coaching Program” makes creating (or redefining) your brand story as easy and as painless as possible. Our one-on-one coaching will lead you through the process of creating a powerful story that makes you and your business stand out from the crowd.