Creating Joy in 2016: Tools to Ignite Your Passion in Work and Life

January’s a time we all regroup, redefine our goals and reinvent what’s next in our work and life. Most of us at WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT became entrepreneurs following our passions and priorities, but too often the realities of running our businesses and juggling the full 360 of life leave us feeling exhausted and burnt out, instead of joyful and self-expressed.

Our first video hangout of the year, Creating Joy in 2016: Tools to Ignite Your Passion in work and Life features writer, teacher, ritual expert and marketplace member Barbara Biziou, Owner of Barbara Biziou Productions. Barbara, who is also the author of the wonderful Joy of Ritual book series, has worked with thousands of women, coaching them to source their creativity and power and reignite their entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

In this Google Hangout, Barbara leads us through a series of exercises aimed at generating more JOY. Designer Donna Karan calls Barbara’s rituals “ a roadmap to celebrating life." And we can’t think of a better way to get 2016 of to a great start for our community.

Some highlights and insights from our video Hangout with Barbara:

• Barbara presents series of techniques aimed at creating joy. She explains how to pro-actively wire our brains to “be here now,” taking small structured steps towards appreciation and gratitude.

• Barbara notes that sometimes our brains can act like “Velcro for Negativity” and “Teflon for Positivity.” Fortunately, we can short circuit negative patterns by connecting to the “emotional intelligence” of our bodies. Barbara says happiness is an “inside job” and explains how we can rewire our brains to access more happiness every day.

• Barbara leads us thru an “inventory for generating joy,” starting small and asking ourselves a variety of questions centered around the main question,  “ Does this bring me joy?”

• Barbara describes a range of daily rituals that engage all the senses, triggering the brain to release the “feel good” chemicals; dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin.

• Barbara explains why creating community and support systems are crucial to the happiness equation. She talks about the importance of finding like-minded women online and in-person. Of course here at WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT, we couldn’t agree more!

Watch the video hangout with Barbara right here: