Suzanne Erlich: Suzanne's NY City Kitchen

I'm Suzanne Erlich, a New York City mom on the Upper East Side who loves to cook!

Having worked in corporate America for 20 years as a Head Hunter, I found cooking to be a good stress-reliever and a great way to bring my family together at one table. Over the years, my self-taught cooking skills and many hours invested in watching the Food Network have turned my meals into easy and fun dishes that I love to share with family and friends.

Living in New York City is expensive! While there’s a great restaurant scene, eating out every day or ordering in can become very pricey. Instead, I go to my local food markets daily to buy produce that I cook in my meals. 

As a huge fitness fanatic, working out daily and eating healthy have to go hand in hand. They are all a part of the plan! Cooking at home ensures that you know exactly what you are putting into your body, builds healthy habits, and definitely saves money.

All my dishes are made with simple, fresh ingredients that can be cooked within a half hour to an hour. There is nothing more satisfying and gratifying than making your own food! It’s fun, easy, and delicious! 

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Suzanne Erlich

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