Sheri Hoeger: The Mad Stencilist

Sheri Hoeger started out as a manicurist and was introduced to the airbrush while painting custom designs on her clients' nails. Later, as a stay at home mom, a friend showed her the traditional dry brush method of stenciling.  Sheri combined both techniques and her career was born.

Sheri was dubbed "The Mad Stencilist" by her nine year old son in 1988 and has worked in the decorative painting field ever since, focusing on custom work for residential interiors. Sheri has studied with some of the best instructors in the decorative and fine art fields and enjoys incorporating many painting techniques into her artwork.

"The Mad Stencilist" has produced "Embellishments Stencils" since 1992, featuring over 200 original stencil designs. The company also produces the "SayWhat?” custom cut lettering system for the application of letter-perfect text on virtually any surface.

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Sheri Hoeger

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