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Sarina got into digital publishing early – the late ‘80s – when CD-ROM was considered an innovation and email was still a miracle you had to explain to the uninitiated. Since that time, she has worked on a multitude of platforms – some still around, some now enshrined in the Museum of Obsolete Technology. She's made games, encyclopedias, training programs, virtual worlds, kids’ toys, websites, mobile apps, K-12 online courses and interactive music discs.  She’s even founded two start-ups. Her products have won prestigious awards and she’s had the privilege of mentoring some incredibly talented women.

Today she is President of NorthSouth Studios where she and her staff produce a range of digital products for clients both big and small. In the past ten years NorthSouth has implemented scores of mobile apps, consumer and business websites, distance learning courses,and games. They have also designed book covers and packaging materials.  NorthSouth Studios is an American company with production offices in Lima, Peru.  NorthSouth serves US customers, providing affordable excellence and insightful business input to its clients. NorthSouth is especially attuned to working with women entrepreneurs.

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