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NYC Spark Your Creativity (SPY) is photographer Roberta Fineberg's experiential adventure in teaching participants the skills of creativity. Over 500 people of all ages, backgrounds, career paths, and from all over the world have joined Roberta's photography sessions to learn technical skills, look within, bond, have some fun, and boost productivity in their personal and professional lives.

SPY customizes photo experiences for individuals, corporate, small businesses, start-ups, and organizations looking to increase creativity, bond over a team-building activity, share personal vision, while exploring on location in New York City, Paris, London, Rome or anywhere!

About Roberta

Roberta Fineberg is an award-winning photographer, author, teaching artist, and entrepreneur. Beginning an editorial career with publication of photos and text in the Saturday Review followed by photography in Le Monde, Paris Match, L'officiel Femme, Ms., Weltwoche, la Vanguardia, among other magazines, she moved on to catalog covers and book jacket photography for W.W. Norton, St. Martin's Press, Harcourt, Bookspan, and Simon & Schuster. Macmillan published her first book, City Riders, with photos and text on girls and horses. As a stock agency contributor and freelancer Ms. Fineberg's editorial and commercial work appear in print and digital media. 

Based in Paris and New York during her career, Roberta's photography is exhibited in France, the US, and Russia, and is in private and public collections, such as the Bibliotheque Nationale and Bibliotheque Marguerite Durand in Paris, France. In New York in 2002, she received an original work grant from the Dept. of Cultural Affairs. The following year, 2003, Print's Regional Design Annual awarded Ms. Fineberg for book jacket photography. 

In 2011 Roberta Fineberg launched SPY, Spark Your Creativity, offering participants a photographic adventure to boost creativity and engage in the process of making photographs. The photographer has led groups in English through Photography, Literacy through Photography (LTP) to middle schoolers in Queens, created/taught Autobiography through Photography and Shot After Dark for the 92Y/Tribeca; lastly she conceived Island Hopping for Tisch School of the Arts at NYU.

In 2013 she formed 99prints, which features RC, gelatin silver, vintage, and signed prints by photographer Leonard Freed. She has guest curated for shows outside the city - in Upstate New York and CT.

Roberta Fineberg's personal work is a study of multiples (photographic collages) and a photopolymer intaglio collage series "Oh, the webs we weave".

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