Patrizia Cerroni: Dancer, Choreographer, EFT & Yoga + Trevi Fountain Art Suites

Multi-talented dancer, choreographer, therapist and hotelier, Patrizia Cerroni has been globally trained in dance, yoga, meditation and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques.) Founder of “I Danzatori Scalzi" a renowned company of contemporary dance, she is considered the “founder”of a new language of dance and recognized as "completely original" by international critics.

Awarded the “Silver Targe” by the Italian President Ciampi for inspiring young choreographers and dancers, and showcasing Italian dance globally, Patrizia has trained more than 300 dancers and 20 choreographers. She has received ongoing critical praise during 35 years of prodigious artistic activity with 2000 performances within Italy, 25 European tours and 28 world tours.

Fascinated by the intersection of dance, movement, spirituality and psychology, and by the flow of energy in every sector of our lives, Patrizia became a practitioner of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in 2010. Implementing this technique, she has worked with numerous clients, helping them find equilibrium and balance on the mental, emotional and physical levels, and cope with phobias, fears, anxiety, traumatic memories, anger and sadness. Patrizia has also helped clients with tobacco and alcohol dependence, eating disorders and other limiting belief systems. She works with clients in person and online, via video conversations on Skype or Facetime.

In 2016 Patrizia opened Trevi Fountain Art Suites, adjacent to Rome’s Trevi Fountain. This Guest House, former home and dance studio of Patrizia’s “I Danzatori Scalzi,” is filled with photos and lithographs of her world renowned dance troupe and inbued with her charismatic, creative energy. The Art Suites have attracted guests from around the world and become a center for yoga retreats, meditation retreats and traveling dance companies, as well as a home away from home for families and for people interested in deepening their spiritual practices or studying EFT.

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Patrizia Cerroni

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Dancer, Choreographer, EFT & Yoga + Trevi Fountain Art Suites

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