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I am Nic Williams, founder of My Own Den, an online shop for Children’s Bedrooms.   I have an eclectic background which includes  living and working in Spain and Portugal teaching English, running women’s shelter programs, trading foreign currencies, developing and providing leadership training and running a business consultancy.  

I am always looking for great products for children’s bedrooms. They need to be ethically made, beautiful and well designed. I would love to work with other women to promote their business if there is a good fit with My Own Den.  I would be interested in having a guest blogger and hosting a guest blogger.

At My Own Den we understand the importance of a child’s bedroom.  In fact every kid’s bedroom has den potential - a special space where they can relax, read and play.  My Own Den’s mission is to help create special spaces for kids at home - we’re in the den business.  We are passionate about providing the right stimulation and atmosphere at home to let children be their glorious best.  We believe that having a special space is crucial to enable children to grow and flourish.

In our shop you will find a range of carefully chosen items to create the perfect den for your children.  Everything we sell is personally selected so that we’ve got something for den dwellers of different ages, interests, and tastes.  We don’t differentiate between traditional designs for boys and girls - we’re no fans of the pink plastic dominated world that surrounds us, so you won’t spot any of that on here.  We are fans of fun, good design, and well made ethical products.


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Nic Williams

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