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The MarketingXLerator mission is to help clients reach their business goals by creating realistic social media marketing strategies.

We have a passion for social media and believe that the intelligent use of modern marketing techniques can create a competitive edge.

Simply put, we like to see that smile on your face that tells us that you are satisfied with the outcome of our joint project(s).

Our plan is teach you and your organization how to fish, so you won’t need us in the long run.

There is a lot of buzz around social media and it’s tempting to think that everybody needs to have a social presence. There is no such mandate! Having a Facebook page where the last post is 3 months old is worse than not having a Facebook page at all.

People often ask if they should be on Twitter or Instagram. The answer: “I don’t know”. In the absence of more information it is impossible to make that call.

What I do know is, that you need to be aware what people are saying about your business online, or you can’t put it right. A social media listening strategy IS a mandate.

To know if social media marketing is right for you depends on your objectives, target audience, and resources. It’s important to consider opportunity costs and determine the right marketing mix of social media vs. traditional tactics.

MarketingXLerator is here to help you with the research, strategy development and creation of an executable social media marketing plan.

Whether you want to learn how to build your own brand on social media or are a corporation striving to implement a social media strategy or campaign, please contact MarketingXLerator.


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