Merry Ambos Richon: Kiss My Itch Goodbye, Inc.

Kiss My Itch Goodbye was founded based on the idea that simple approaches to problems generally lead to better results. The problem that started the company was a mosquito bite, which refused to stop itching.

Founder Merry Richon, who is very fortunate to be married to a natural products chemist, asked why she could not combine a few natural ingredients into something that would stay on the bite and remove the itch. 

Once Merry’s kitchen “lab” went into micro-production, samples of what would become the future product were mailed to friends and family around the country. A number of months of testing quickly made it apparent that the organic, gluten-free lotion did much more than alleviate seasonal bug bites and stings. Testers reported immediate relief on problems that ranged from poison ivy to cracked fingertips to eczema, and it became obvious that the product had a much broader market.

In the fall of 2014, a second product, KMIG Skin Relief & Repair was launched and has provided relief for more challenging chronic issues ranging from eczema and atopic dermatitis to psoriasis, diabetic itch and extremely dry skin. The combination of plant-based ingredients, including Shea butter, glycerin and grape seed oil actually repair minor skin damage too. 

Kiss My Itch Goodbye’s patented products have received acclaim from people treating everything from spider and chigger bites to myriad other types of itch-related problems. Merry’s plant-based, steroid-free products are all made and sourced in the U.S.A. 

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