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Spilling the Ink Creative Writing offers writing courses, affectionately called Writing Circles, for small groups for people who want to write, love to write, intend to write, but could use a little gentle prodding in keeping their pens moving. We live such busy lives that creative expression often gets squeezed out of our schedules.  When we do find a moment to write or reflect, it is often a lonely moment and it can be difficult to know where to begin.  I've designed Spilling the Ink to be a dedicated time and space where writers come together to cultivate their voices and their stories.

Everyone I know has stories worth telling, stories we can all learn from.  In our Writing Circles, we aim to capture those stories on paper, shape and polish them with love, then release them again into the world so they can reach and teach others. 

We currently have three different Writing Circles that writers can join: Spilling the Ink, our starting point, as we can't write anything without spilling some ink first; The Creative Process, for writers who wish to explore the creative process in community; and Continuing the Craft, for writers who want to strengthen existing works and deepen their writing practice.  We will soon be including an online offering that combines the intimate spirit of a Writing Circle with the ability to connect people across the globe.

Want to learn more about Spilling the Ink or join one of our Writing Circles?  Please come visit our website, Spilling the Ink.

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Melissa Fu

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Small Writing Groups To Cultivate Your Voice and Your Stories.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

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