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As a Media Coach, I prepare authors, experts, and entrepreneurs to step into the media spotlight with clarity, confidence, and connection.

I've worked for 30+ years behind the scenes in TV for numerous programs including NBC Nightly News, Meet the Press, and The Today Show, as well as 12 seasons with The Oprah Winfrey Show, as a Post Producer and Control Room A.D. I've spent literally thousands of hours over 3 decades in TV studios, control rooms, and edit rooms. 

Media is home to me.

On top of my behind the scenes experience, I've also been interviewed many times in media to promote my best-selling book, When You Say "Thank You," Mean It, a month-by-month guide to help parents raise children with extraordinary character.

I'm unique as a Media Coach, having gone from behind the scenes to in front of the camera. I have been where my clients are and where they want to be - leaping out of the shelter of a comfort zone and into the media spotlight. 

Now I have the privilege of helping incredible people magnify their powerful messages in the world.

Work With Me

If you're ready to take your message or brand to the next level, you can get started with my self-guided course, "30 Day Media Mentor".

I also offer a One Hour Media Coaching Session via Skype. This one-on-one session is designed for the person who may need coaching with one particular issue like practice interviews, how to write a media worthy pitch, or how to craft sound bites for a particular topic - or for someone who needs guidance in determining an overall media strategy.

To support the WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT community, I'm offering this one hour-long private coaching session at a steep discount exclusively to WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Members. Learn more & request the special offer here.


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Mary O'Donohue

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Clarity. Confidence. Connection.

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