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Lynda B. Kaplan is a media producer and exhibition planner with a special interest in bringing narrative stories to life. She has been a principal at American History Workshop for over twenty years.  Lynda has participated in planning for new museums, developing, curating, and implementing historical exhibitions, consulting on museum exhibition plans, collaborating with exhibition and graphic designers. Lynda is also a documentary film and video producer/director. She has produced and directed the audio and video installations for many of her exhibition installations. 

Most recently Lynda was the co-curator and media producer for a series of path-breaking exhibitions at the New-York Historical Society. The first two, Slavery in New York and New York Divided: Slavery and the Civil War (2005-7), explored the deep connections of slavery with the economy, politics, and culture of the North. French Founding Father: Lafayette‘s Return to Washington’s America (2008) and Lincoln and New York (2009) broke new ground in linking familiar subjects to the evolution of New York City and American politics. Revolution! The Atlantic World Reborn explored three revolutions: the American, the French and with special focus, the Haitian revolution. Each of these exhibitions was rich with collection objects from N-YHS and other repositories and each had custom designed media installations.

In addition to her exhibition work, Lynda is also a documentary film and video producer and director. Her most recent video, Du Bois in Our Time, explored contemporary artists creating new work based on the ideas and writings of W.E.B. Du Bois. It won awards at the Yonkers Film Festival and WorldFest in Houston.

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Lynda B. Kaplan

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