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Lisa Jemus is a Tarot Reader who believes this ancient tool can help transform lives in ways that are unbelievably powerful.  After two decades of reading for herself, friends and family, she perceived a greater need for insight, clarity and guidance overall, and Tarot Solutions was born.

Lisa has spent the last eighteen years working in the film and television industry as an assistant director, perfecting the skill of quickly connecting with people on a deep level.  This highly refined ease of connecting has enabled Lisa to rapidly engage with others in her profession as a Tarot Reader as well, swiftly guiding clients to the clarity they need and inspiring them to become more powerful advocates in their own lives.

Lisa’s style of reading is not the fortune telling type.  Though she respects all styles of tarot readers, hers is much more about a conversation. Lisa supports her clients through a process in which the cards become a catalyst for aligning their inner and outer worlds with the guidance and wisdom of their souls.

Lisa is a Certified Professional Tarot reader through Tarot Foundations and Biddy Tarot, and is a member of The Tarot Association.  She lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is able to do readings in person, via Skype or by email.  Lisa works with individuals and businesses, conducting every reading session with enthusiasm, warmth, empathy and humor! 

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Lisa Jemus

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Tarot Readings + Life Alchemy:  Aligning Self with Soul 


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