Kimberly Collins Jermain: Architectural Color Designer

In architecture, color can seem like the decorative “icing on the cake”; considered well after the design has been completed. But if we are serious about protecting our environment, building sustainably, minimizing waste and reducing our need for energy to heat and cool our home and work spaces, we must think critically about solar power - and that means COLOR.

For the past twenty five years, Kimberly has worked with architects, designers and business and home owners to share a landscape painter's perspective of one of the most powerful visual tools for transforming human habitat and the built environment. Color's illusional properties can be applied from the very beginning of design, to shape atmosphere for comfort and well being, as it enhances form, function and beauty.

As a practicing architectural color designer, Kimberly employs the principles of the science of optics (well known to landscape painters for over a century and a half), to visually solve design challenges that could otherwise waste valuable resources. Her color design consultations guide collaborative discussions between project stakeholders, through a site-specific evaluation designed to make the most of the visual impact of light. A detailed color plan is developed to maximize human perceptions, shaping the experience of the architecture from the outside in. Imagine enjoying the afternoon in a west facing study, though only a single window of natural light fills the space. The magic of color can expand on available light resources, enhancing the experience for the user. Neuroscience has shown that color can even raise a person's blood pressure by surrounding their peripheral vision with warmth. Many kitchen color selections diminish the natural light conditions of the room because they were not considered for surface reflection, light bounce or color perspective.

What may appear at first glance to be just a matter of style, color actually brings structural integrity to architecture; enhancing our ability to navigate, perceive proportions, adjust our body temperature and use spaces as they were intended.  Kimberly's attention to the visual cues that create our understanding of environment will give you the power to make your architectural designs more functional, environmentally sustainable and beautiful.




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Kimberly Collins Jermain

Architectural Color Designer

Shaping the visual experience of the built environment for light, comfort and beauty.