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Katie Karlovitz has been instructing, empowering and motivating people to shine when speaking in public for more than 25 year.

Through her coaching and consulting business, On Speaking Terms, Katie teaches executives and entrepreneurs of all types and stripes how to be interesting, confident and calm for any public appearance.

Her process combines the classical theater technique she acquired at Carnegie Mellon University with best practices for business communication, rounded out with sports psychology.  It’s flexible, thorough and effective.

Whether you’re preparing for an online video interview, a keynote speech or a pitch presentation, Katie’s techniques will help you gain the clarity and confidence you need to shine.

Some of the topics she covers include:

  • Making ‘stage worthy’ choices
  • Reading an audience
  • Managing stage fright
  • Styling for stage or screen
  • Networking with ease
  • Appearing on-camera
  • Recording your own audio tracks
  • Writing for the spoken word vs. written word

Katie offers a range of ways to work with her, including private coaching, group workshops and interactive online courses.

Her clients’ success speaks for itself. They’ve presented at: TEDx; Lincoln Center; Academy Awards; Chelsea Film Festival; Waldorf Astoria; Fordham Law; Mandarin Oriental Hotel; Benjamin Cordozo Law; Carnegie Hall; Temple Emanu-el; The St. Regis (SF); and in board rooms in LA, New York, Toronto, London, Tokyo and Paris.

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Katie Karlovitz

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Partnering with entrepreneurs & executives for meaningful, memorable presentations

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