Karla Lightfoot: MindRealign Clinical Hypnosis

I'm a clinical hypnotherapist, movement instructor and life explorer who teaches people how to harness the power of their subconscious mind to transform their lives — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I have worked with thousands of women, professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, and moms, to dissolve the limiting beliefs, fears and behaviors that prevent us all from living out our dreams. I have realigned my own mind to meet and marry my life partner and soulmate, dial down physical pain, dissolve the fear of public speaking, improve my own self-esteem, and deepen my spiritual connection, to name a few.

Whether you desire to find the love of your life, get pregnant, heal a health issue, make more money, or anything else, hypnosis and NLP can make a crucial difference. I'm a graduate of Wellesley College, the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and the Hypnotherapy Academy of America in New Mexico. I love to laugh, dance, smile and have fun. Many tell me I light up a room, a subway, the city... with my positive energy. Most of all, I am committed to helping others shine. I believe that with the right mind, absolutely anything is possible!

 Interested in working together, or learning more? I'm happy to offer you a 30-minute MindRealign Discovery Session. Email me at karla@karlalightfoot.com or checkout karlalightfoot.com

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Karla Lightfoot

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