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Julie Austin is an award-winning writer, inventor, and multiple business owner. Her patented product, Swiggies, wrist water bottles, have been a NASDAQ product of the year semi-finalist and are currently sold in 24 countries.

Julie has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, and the Wall Street Journal, along with dozens of TV shows, magazines and radio shows around the world. She’s a “go-to” media expert in the fields of innovation & creativity.

Her book “The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income” is available on Amazon.

About Speaker Sponsor

These days with so many budgets being cut, many meeting planners have stopped paying speakers. But there is a way around it... small business sponsorship. 

When it comes to sponsorship most people think of big corporations. There are about 18,000 big corporations in the US, and over 25 million small businesses. Speaker Sponsor is the only online directory for speakers seeking small business sponsorship. 

Sponsorship is a partnership between the speaker and the sponsor, each helping the other achieve their goals. 

Crowd-funding is... well, crowded. Small business sponsorship is the next trend and it's a goldmine for speakers and artists who want to pursue their craft and make money with NO competition.




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