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I have the best job ever -- which is spreading inspiration, information and motivation to help women feel and look great through the decades.

I'm a fitness expert, author and personal trainer (I'm proud to say that I worked with Jacqueline Onassis and Caroline Kennedy, two of the strongest women you'd ever want to know!). My two areas of focus are strength training for women and healthy aging. I've honed my expertise on the benefits of exercise for women's health issues, including for breast cancer, menopause and osteoporosis since 1988.

My knowledge is shared with women around the world through a series of exercise books that I've written over the years, including Strength Training Exercises for Women (2014); Strength Training for Women (2004); Strength Training Deck (2006); 8 Weeks to a Younger Body (2007);15-Minute Total Body Workout + DVD (2008); and 15-Minute Abs Workout + DVD (2009). All my books have been published by DK Publishing.

My new video, "Beat Belly Fat, Bloating, Bone Loss and the Blues," will be available in early 2016. It addresses the four issues that concern most of my clients, offering both nutritional and exercise solutions in practical, easy to use steps.

I'm an experienced, poised and articulate media guest. I welcome interview opportunities and have a long list of credits, too many to mention, including appearances on national and regional TV and radio interviews. I've contributed tips to and been interviewed in many newspapers and magazines, as well as on websites and in blogs and e-zines.

Topics of expertise include women's health and fitness, osteoporosis, menopause, strength training, core training, midlife health challenges and active aging.

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