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Entrepreneur. Mom. Connector. Innovator. Public speaker. Adrenaline junkie. Travel enthusiast. Self-appointed waterpark 'tester'.

Jenn Miller is all of these, as well as a leader with 15 years of executive experience in operations, start-ups, business development, rights management, digital content strategies and licensing. She has served in a variety of roles across multiple entertainment industries and has successfully led teams to achieve goals and build companies from the bottom up.

Jenn brings a strong technical background to her work, serving as a liaison between engineers and business teams. Most importantly, Jenn has a proven ability to lead a company from red to black.

Jenn's most recent role is Co-Founder & COO of Audiosocket, a music licensing company that gives visual media creators a way to quickly discover and license original music. 

Audiosocket's MaaS (Music as a Service) technology is designed to provide content creators an end-to-end music licensing solution where they can search, stream, and instantly generate a license from our roster of music for use in film, tv, apps, games, commercials, video sharing platforms and all new media. 

Audiosocket has assembled an extensive roster of exceptional bands and composers who are creating culturally relevant music in every style and genre, to help media producers find the right tunes for their creative work at a click of a button.

Audiosocket is also pioneering new ways for musicians and artists to make money, protect and monetize their IP to grow their careers in this digital era. Their patent-pending invention, LicenseID, enables rights holders to track the commercial use of their copyrights on the internet and in traditional broadcast. 

Audiosocket's roster of original music and outstanding service have attracted some of the most recognized brands in the industry. Partners and clients include: The Associated Press, HTC, Microsoft, Nissan, Starbucks, Gap, Converse, MailChimp, "The Office", "Parks & Recreation", NBC, CBS, ABC, Sundance Channel, Discovery, MTV.



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