Jane Modoono: Leadership Consultant

All organizations, whether they are educational, corporate, or small businesses, have a distinct culture.  For years I have thought about, read about, and taught how leaders create culture.   I have run several schools and departments, taught classes on the graduate level, and have learned to create a work environment where individuals flourish, and everyone loves to come to work.

The majority of my career has been spent in leadership positions in schools. From Chairperson to Director, to High School Principal, I have had the opportunity to coach and mentor many students, their parents, teachers and administrators. Through these experiences I have come to believe that trust matters most.

People thrive in a work environment where they are encouraged to take risks and follow their passion. When you know your boss believes in you and "has your back", you will go to the ends of the earth for her. Employees who feel trusted are committed to the goals and vision of the organization and work long hours to make it successful.

But building trust is not an easy process. It can take years to accomplish. It involves a willingness to be honest and transparent, and to have "difficult conversations", when they are called for.

If building a healthy organizational culture is your goal, I believe I can be helpful. My intention is to bring the skills I have learned to a broader community of men and women, inspiring them to be leaders while pursuing their passions in a range of ventures. I am currently based in East Hampton, NY, working with WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT Co-Founder, Joanne Friedland Roberts, leading, WNWN: The Hamptons, 4-part series, Launch and Grow Your Ventures.

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