Jan Badgley: Jan Badgley Design

Jan Badgley’s an accomplished artist who’s expanded on her background in painting and interior design, becoming a clothing designer whose playful pieces function as wearable art.

Following in the tradition of her friend and mentor, Barbara de Jounge, Jan embraces the Japanese design aesthetics of simplicity, asymmetry, understatement and freedom from formula. Each of Jan’s designs bring together strong graphic elements and functional fashion.

Jan uses simple materials and shibori techniques, folding and unfolding felted wool as the wool contracts and expands. She delights in exploring the many possibilities of the sewing machine, thread, and yarn. 

Jan’s favorite quote is by the artist Francis Picabia: "your head is round so your thinking can change direction". She believes this flexibility in attitude keeps life interesting and renewing. 

Jan’s work is available at select art fairs, galleries and holiday marketplaces in California. 

Your can also visit Jan’s website, Jan Badgely Design to order from her collection.


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