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Your Self Care is the solution for women who struggle with balance or energy and want to improve their health and feel fabulous, even if they think they haven't the time or resources to do this. As women we have been told we can do it all. Yet, when “doing it all” starts to have an effect on your health or peace of mind, you deserve help.  When physical or emotional pain  encroaches on your dreams no one should ignore it, but women often do.

Your Self Care was born from the experience that Gwendolyn Grace had in midlife. Her life came to a halt and her dreams were put on hold as she struggled with three chronic illnesses brought on by high stress, overworking and a lifetime of over-giving. Recognizing how common these three themes are for women in our culture, Gwen determined to do her own research to learn how to overcome them. Gwen's breakthrough recovery from fibromyalgia, depression, and chronic fatigue led to the work she does today -- coaching other women to attain their highest energy states to create a healthy work and home life. Your Self Care offers a change from the inside out with guaranteed improvement. 

As a registered nurse with a 25-year history in health care in the fields of adult medicine, hospice, postpartum and new mother care, Gwendolyn brings a deep understanding of the medical underpinnings of chronic stress & related illnesses to her work. 

 Today, Gwen focuses more on wellness than disease. She is a renowned certified professional coach, author of a forthcoming memoir, and certified in Reflexology and Esthetics, bringing beauty and health together. 

How to Work with Your Self Care

Gwendolyn offers you a free energy assessment by phone to determine what you need in the way of support. With that information you'll customize a plan with transformative coaching using Gwen's signature system of tools and assessments. This will illuminate how you as a woman are giving, receiving, appreciating, connecting and expressing yourself fully in the present versus what you ultimately desire. Not only can you improve your health and wellness, but you'll find you can bring about revolutionary change in your work and home life through improved self-care, clarity and better boundaries. 

Your Self Care inspires lifestyle changes, learning, and discovery to make self-care easy and fun. If you’re ready to create new boundaries now, click here to download Gwen’s free e-book and get the 12 essentials to saying Yes to Your Self.

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