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A 25 year+ veteran of Silicon Valley, Estee Solomon Gray is an innovative leader and integrative thinker with deep practical experience.

Known for her pioneering work building social businesses and community platforms, Estee’s career has also included roles in engineering, market strategy, and entrepreneurship.

Estee started out working with Regis McKenna's pioneering Technology Marketing Group, and quickly earned a place in business history by putting “communities of practice” on the cover of the premier issue of Fast Company magazine. Estee also co-founded and led the first health 2.0 venture to focus on the physical, digital and social needs of women 35+, truly the chief wellness officers of the US economy.

Estee’s latest venture is MMINDD Labs, where she is developing a new and integrative approach to time management, productivity and health called multi-minding. Tasking is what makes it possible to work an assembly line. Minding is what makes its possible to live a full, healthy 21st century life.

Almost every day we feel called to simultaneously attend to our projects, teams, families, clients, collaborations, and communities. As a result, we continually approach-avoid ‘overload’, dancing at the edge of some cognitive cliff and forgetting to attend to ourselves. We seek, invent, and share productivity-hacks, life-hacks, digital assistants, and GoogleNow’s. A quiet epidemic of ‘perceived achievement deficit disorder' is unfolding.  It's clear that continuing to apply industrial ideas of time, attention, productivity, and health to our post-industrial lives is just plain painful. 

At its core, minding is a relationship-centric, narrative-based way of attending to the business of life, in time and over time. It is attention management for a world of interconnectivity and interdependence. Call it 'social attention management' or 'agile attention management,' if you will. Minding is what makes it possible to efficiently perform quality work that results from shared responsibility for interdependent activities. It is about creating and sustaining a productivity flow between the individual and the collective. 

Estee is currently building a team, a vision a product and a business at Mmindd Labs. Prepare to meet your inner multiminder... 


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