Connie Judson: Sense the Healing

I started Sense the Healing to share my own experience, strength, hope and my process out of the darkness and into the light.      

“No mud, No lotus” Thich Nhat Hanh

My Goal is to facilitate and nurture your specific healing process whether physical, emotional, or psychological, with Essential Oils (Aromatherapy), Reiki, Sound Vibration, Reflexology and the magnificent power of Healing Touch. 

Individual assessment and treatment will help you to Heal by Grounding, Releasing, and Balancing using these modalities. The greatest gift is to be of service, therefore, I am humbled to be a part of facilitating your awakening and healing process. 

From My Heart To Yours, Together We Can Heal Ourselves, One Spray at a Time!

Connie Judson

Founder, Sense the Healing

Relax, Let Go, and Balance

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