Grace Kraaijvanger: The Hivery

Grace Kraaijvanger began her career as a professional ballet and modern dancer. After retiring from the world of dance, Grace segued into a career in marketing, where she successfully built and led multi-million dollar business units for large-scale companies and consulted for global brands like Intuit, Oracle, PG&E and Charles Schwab. 

Grace has continued to blend art and business, discovering her life's work bringing women together to cultivate themselves and pursue those things that instill creativity, passion, and purpose. Grace now heads the Hivery a collaborative women’s work lab that she feels has “a special magic, supporting vision, dreams, kindness, knowledge, and the brilliance of women.”

The Hivery’s co-working space, is a place to cultivate you and what fuels you. It’s a place to pursue your work, passions, ideas, and what's next.

The Hivery offers:

  • A beautiful co-working space
  • A community of amazing women cultivating a vibrant life
  • Workshops and events to teach, support, and create connection

Please join us!


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Grace Kraaijvanger

Owner, The Hivery

A women's inspiration and co-working space

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