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To find one’s self in the midst of fine architecture is a truly awesome experience. Communicating this human response through vivid imagery is the power of architectural photography.

Carol Liscovitz is a Maine-based photographer specializing in architectural, interior, and commercial photography.  A licensed architect, she draws upon her experience in design, craftsmanship and sense of place to articulate the designer’s vision through her lens.  Her compelling images transport the viewer into each space she photographs, showcasing projects in a manner that attracts, excites and inspires others to encounter the work of architects and designers for themselves.

Working collaboratively to generate a visual message, Carol then translates and communicates the client’s vision, style, aesthetic and brand through her images. With a professional, flexible, and open approach to each job, Carol customizes her services to meet the needs of each of her clients.

Carol seeks out personal projects which offer her the opportunity to explore diverse paths. This is illustrated by her fine art photography.  She most recently received honors in the 2015 Maine Photography Show for Collective Enlightenment, an expressive interpretation of the Chuang Yen Buddhist Monastery in Carmel, NY, and from the Maine Media Workshops for Misty Trails, part of a collection of images taken on Harbor Island located off the coast of Maine. Carol is a member of the ASMP, the Portland Society for Architecture, and the Boston Society of Architects’ Architectural Photography Network.

Captivated by the beauty of the built environment and the challenge of documenting it through photography, Carol’s work takes her throughout Maine, New England and down the East Coast.

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Carol Liscovitz

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