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My work is about movement, light, color … and heartfelt connections. I believe photography is about capturing the true essence of a person and an experience. It's about letting go and being open to what’s in front of you. 

I’m Cami Lenox Flake: open-minded, open-hearted lover of beauty in all forms and proud mama to my sweet little boy who delights me every day. I am a freelance videographer, a lifestyle photographer and a visual storyteller.

I specialize in Business Headshots. I love working with women and creating photos that reflect back their inner light. My goal is to create an image that they recognize at a much deeper level.  Whether sassy, sweet, sophisticated, powerful, or all of the above, I aspire to capture a spark of that, the real you.

In January of 2015, I launched my signature workshop, “Mama’s got a new camera,” an in-person beginning photography class.  I quickly realized that I wanted to go beyond the technical capabilities of a camera and deeply consider the healing effects of a life seen.  How can we slow down and look at ourselves, our lives, our environments, our perspectives and then process who we are and grow?  These are my lofty goals and my inspiration for creating a storytelling experience through photography.

I'm also working on a personal project. I want to understand and illuminate the story of eldercare and end-of-life planning, digging deeper into the conversations that are difficult to hold. My hope is to alleviate some of the fears and help us not feel so alone in the process. 

You can connect with me here.  I promise to leave you with a renewed enthusiasm for documenting your life in pictures. 


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