Betsy Karp: The Color Coach

Betsy Karp, The Color Coach uses a combination of life coaching, color coaching, and sensuality coaching to help women develop a clear view on what their passion is. She assists them in discovering what lights them up and what they can do to improve themselves. Betsy uses the elements and benefits of color theory to help women radiate beauty from within, eat healthier, feel empowered, and to move forward in their lives with hope, creativity, and inspired action.

Betsy uses the powerful tool of color and the effect that color has on the emotions to help women bring out their true, authentic self. Once we are truthful and honest with ourselves life becomes much simpler and much more beautiful. She uses an integration of color theory, nutrition, and guided meditation to help change one's mindset, health, and energy. She focuses on the colors of the chakras and the root causes of why something is holding us back. She then helps you to break those emotional blocks through the process of color coaching. It's creative, fun, enlightening, and a wonderful way to look at yourself through fresh new eyes and a restored breath of fresh air.


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Betsy Karp
Owner, The Color Coach

"Connecting color to your spirit"

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