Ana Gordon: Dakinis Wisdom

In Ana's words:

I am Ana, an intuitive consultant for entrepreneurs and creatives. Energy alchemist, modern mystic. Empowering through the Divine Feminine and shifting the legacy of wealth through conscious entrepreneurship.

As an Intuitive I work with energy, catalyzing shifts in perspective which delivers alignment, and clarity. Empowering you to create what you truly desire in joy.

Empowered Divine Feminine energy and the embodiment of this wisdom in this world changes the game.

Envision the world you wish to live in, and then take inspired action to create it.

Transcend the ordinary to create what you imagine. Dare to dream it, see it, feel it. Shift the energy, the belief of what is possible.

We are all interconnected. It is this awareness of wholeness that drives my connection to my work, to this world. When we live with this core understanding, we are open to receive benefits of grace, meaning, and prosperity.

Being in right relationship to ourselves allows us to be in right relationship with all that occurs in our life. How we react and respond to all that is set in our path determines the quality of our life.

How we navigate transitions and integrate change is crucial.

Through my work as an intuitive I bring the gift of discernment and clarity, to whatever your endeavor, crisis, transition, situation is calling forth for you to see. Holding a sacred space of compassion, without judgement, so you can see, be and feel your truest nature, up close, personal with a trusted and kind ally.

My clients are entrepreneurs, artists/ creatives; the change makers, at all levels of enterprise; from CE0’s forging new markets to new business owners, bringing an idea into being; all seeking clarity, insight and connection.


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Ana Gordon

Owner, Dakinis Wisdom

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