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MarketplaceHeaders_ACortese.jpg is the brainchild of Amy Cortese, an award-winning journalist, author and speaker whose recent work centers on the intersection of crowdfinance and community.

An independent journalist and frequent contributor to the New York Times, Amy has written pivotal stories and op-eds about the technological innovation transforming finance, the local economy movement, and the shift to values-based investing.

Her book, Locavesting, The Revolution In Local Investing And How To Profit From It, published in 2011, was one of the pioneering books on local investing, capturing cutting edge trends and illustrating them through engaging stories about local investing pioneers. It explored how a small shift in investment away from multinationals towards locally owned enterprises can reap enormous economic and social benefits for individuals, their communities and the country.

Amy created to continue the conversation started by her book and to fill a critical knowledge gap in the community capital movement. The site helps entrepreneurs, investors and civic leaders navigate this emerging field.

Amy believes that we are at the beginning of a transition to a more democratized form of finance that can address pressing issues such as inequality and lack of economic opportunity, especially for women, minorities and other underserved communities.

Amy has been named one of the Top 30 Crowdfunding Thought Leaders. She has given talks from Seoul, South Korea to TEDx Maui, as well as workshops and mentoring sessions for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital. She was a 2014 Change Agent in Residence at the Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute, the nation’s first sustainable MBA program.

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