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Aliza Sherman is a new media pioneer who's been online since 1987. Aliza founded the first woman-owned Internet company, Cybergrrl, Inc. in the early 90’s and she's still leading the way with her company Mediaegg. 

One of the oldest social mobile media and marketing firms, Mediaegg develops digital marketing strategies and social media content to help companies and organizations powerfully tell their brands’ stories online. Aliza’s 25 years of web experience provides an unmatched perspective on online marketing and technology trends.

Mediaegg’s newest venture, Bookgirl, is an online resource geared toward anyone interested in telling a story and publishing a book. The author of 10 books herself, Aliza has worked with major publishers including Ballantine, Penguin Putnam and Wiley. Through Bookgirl she candidly shares her experiences in book publishing along with advice from other published authors and book industry experts. She also offers webinars, courses and tools on how to get published and how to market a book.

Aliza believes everyone has a story to tell. She provides one-to-one video consultations on storytelling for marketing or publishing. Visit Aliza’s Popexpert page to schedule a consultation. 

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Aliza Sherman

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