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Prodigy & Co creates dynamic solutions, plans, and strategies for businesses who are tired of the “one size fits all” mentality. Using creative breakthrough strategies to increase market exposure, I help businesses, freelancers, and ordinary people with remarkable imaginations make key connections, create viable products, and ultimately–earn serious profits.

Through targeted problem solving, innovative design, and strategic planning, I help business prodigies tap into the genius they’re avoiding or failing to leverage. With a focus on Leading With Genius, I help other CEOs, managers, and supervisors guide their teams to success, so you can grow exponentially instead of incrementally.

Jessica Kinsey, Creator of Prodigy & Co, Adjunct Professor on Creativity for Entrepreneurs and Innovation Junkie, is a self-described “childhood nerd”, determined to learn as much as possible. Not much has changed today, as she commits her time to helping entrepreneurs and creative leaders in a wide range of markets and industries Find their Genius. From freelancers to non-profits to digital businesses of any kind, her mission is to teach on-demand Innovative Design Thinking and Creative Clarity to leaders, entrepreneurs, & ordinary people with remarkable imaginations.


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