RFB: On-Site Citywide Safety Training and Testing Services

The City of San José (hereinafter “City") is soliciting bids from qualified Vendors (hereinafter “Bidder") to provide On-Site Citywide Safety Training and Testing Services including all labor, material, and equipment necessary to perform such services as specified in the bid document scope of work/services.

The City shall issue a blanket purchase order to the successful bidder for an initial twelve month period. After the initial period, the City reserves the right to exercise 4 additional one-year period extensions for a total of 5 years.

ESTIMATED QUANTITIES/SERVICE LEVELS: The quantities/service levels specified herein are the City's best estimate of the quantities/service levels that will be purchased; however, they are not guaranteed. Any variations from these estimated quantities/service levels shall not entitle the bidder to an adjustment in unit pricing or rates.

Please refer to the RFB document and any other attached documents for details.

All Bid responses must be submitted online through BidSync, including electronic attachments if applicable, and/or through the “Vendor Notes for Offer" function. The City will not accept hardcopy bids. All line items must be priced or clearly show “No Charge” or “included” not left blank or zero.

POST AWARD SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS: The successful contractor will be required to provide the following requirements and must be provided within TEN calendar days of notification of award or as stated otherwise:
1) Insurance
2) A valid City of San Jose Business Tax Certificate

The BASIS OF AWARD is Price-Determinative. The award for this requirement will be based on lowest responsive and responsible bid that meets all specifications. The City may award by line item, lot, or overall lowest cost after application of local business and small business preferences, if applicable.

SALES TAX: Do not include sales tax in your bid. City will work with selected supplier to establish the applicable tax for PO/contract award.

LBE/SBE Preference: The City’s Local and Small Business Enterprise (LBE/SBE) Preference is applicable to this bid. If your business has an office in Santa Clara County and a valid City of San José Business Tax Certificate, then you should refer to the bid instructions for further information on applying for this Preference.


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