available for acquisition

I am looking for a new home for - originally launched in 1997.

I am open to all arrangements including those with no upfront payment and even gifting to a non-profit or individual.

I believe that a company in a related space (teens, tweens, college women, parents) can grow by optimizing their current resources with minimal investment. Because the site has been neglected for so long, it won’t take much attention to grow it to be a prime advertising vehicle. With robust social media attention, minimal website design changes, and a focused content approach the site will grow. There needs to be content created that is current which one of the primary things the site lacks now. Naturally whoever takes it over can do what they want with it but, I believe the site can take a unique and timely position with content that is a combination of current pop culture and addressing the important issues of the day for teen women –#MeToo, school shootings, equal pay. sexual identity etc. The personality of the site has been quirky but also taking on serious as well as light issues. It is about identity and having a voice which are important issues today.

I also have a mobile game app - unique architecture for challenges, goals, rewards, friends.