SciKnowTech - A Break-through in "Experiential Learning"

SciKnowTech - A platform of "Experiential Teaching" of Science, is convened by Educationist, Scientist & Passionate Teacher / Professor Dr. Megha Bhatt in Ahmedabad, India, who is also Ph.D. from ISRO.

The main aim of SciKnowTech is to develop to build Scientific temperament and aptitude in children by 2 main modules - a "year-long" programme - amalgamating theoretical grade-wise conceptual learning with "experiential learning" (in form of experiments, model-making, field-trips, story-telling, audio-visual and expert's intervention). Second wing of SciKnowTech convenes workshops in schools, universities and other social organizations to spread Science and expose the kids to "Experiential Learning". These workshops are either stand-along/theme-based ones OR in form of "Science Club"s in the schools.

SciKnowTech activities are hugely covered by local media and press. Dr. Megha Bhatt has been awarded prestigious awards for SciKnowTech like "Trendsetter Award" by Gujarat Innovation Society, Digital Woman Award by, "Best Faculty-led start-up" in National Start-up & Innovation Summit - to name a few.

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