RFQ: Recreational & Educational Services

The City of San José is accepting proposals in an effort to establish a well-qualified pool of vendors experienced in providing recreational services such as camps, educational classes, personal enrichment, and leisure classes at local community centers and parks to the residents of San José.

This solicitation is ongoing. New submission deadlines quarterly.

The City of San José, CA is accepting proposals from prospective vendors to provide recreational services and programming at local community centers and parks for the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Neighborhood Services (“PRNS”). The goal is to have residents who have healthier lifestyles, who have an improved quality of life and are connected, informed and engaged.

The Mission of PRNS is to build healthy communities through people, parks and programs. PRNS is seeking qualified vendors who will work in partnership with City staff to provide fresh, innovative and trend-setting activities focused on meeting the PRNS goals of:
• Improving health and wellness by providing physically active and engaging social recreational activities in our community centers and parks;
• Facilitating healthy life choices, personal growth and lifelong learning; and
• Building strong neighborhoods by connecting people to people, to community centers, to parks, and to resources.

PRNS currently offers over 500 classes and camps for all ages throughout the City of San José. The recreation programming is scheduled on a quarterly basis (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer) and is planned six months in advance. Classes and activities can be conducted through a variety of one-day workshops and seminars or classes meeting multiple times per week. Proposers are highly encouraged to include activities that are sustainable and have a potential for significant impact in the lives of participants in their proposals.

Vendors who are selected to provide programming will work closely with PRNS staff to identify appropriate class offerings for each community center, park, or City-wide program. The programs will be hosted at City facilities without charge to the vendor, will be advertised in the City’s marketing, and registrations will be processed through PRNS’s registration system. The success of the programs will be measured through customer surveys, enrollment totals, revenue totals, and participant outcomes.

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