Set of Curry powders and masalas from "Spice Girls of India"

Here is the set of spices- which has India's popular masala chai mix,four types of curry powders and three types of masala powders for cooking.
1. Tea as good as Darzeeling Tea- black tea.
2. Tea Spices- spices mixture to spice-up the tea.
3. Tandoori Curry Medium- to marinate chicken.
4. Indian Masala- to cook lentils.
5. Maharaja Curry- to cook vegetable curry.
6. Mutton Curry- to cook red meats, like, beef,lamb, goat, pork.
7. Yogurt Masala- salad seasoning,butter-milk, raita.
8. Fish Curry- to season sea-food and cook fish curry, prawn curry.
9. Chicken tikka masala- to cook chicken with sauce.

For 20US$ you will get this whole set of curries, masalas and tea to enjoy the little taste of India. So you get 9 packs, each 50grams weight.

The recipes will be on the packets, but the most popular drink from India- MASALA CHAI recipe is here.
To make Masala chai, take one teaspoon of Black tea , quarter teaspoon of "Tea Spices", sugar according to your taste and bring it to boil with one cup of water for 2-3 minutes, add milk if you like and serve hot masala chai.

The most simplest masala on the list is Yoogurt Masala, add a pinch of it on your plate of salads, sprouts, beans, potato fries or plain yogurt/curd to have an amazing taste of India.

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