The City of New York Department of Parks & Recreation (“Parks”) requests proposals for the operation and maintenance of two (2) Bookstalls and a maximum of eight (8) related tables on Fifth Avenue between 60th and 61st Streets at Central Park, Manhattan. In addition to books, the concessionaire may also sell T-Shirts, polo shirts, postcards and souvenirs (“Related Merchandise”).

Parks is seeking a concessionaire for one (1) five-year term. No longer term will be considered. This concession will be operated pursuant to one (1) Permit issued by Parks; no leasehold or other proprietary right is offered.

Parks is seeking proposers with a solid background in the book business to operate and maintain two (2) high-caliber bookstalls and a maximum of eight (8) related tables. The bookstalls and related tables should make a significant improvement to the ambiance of the park and surrounding area while providing a convenient service to the public.

Operational Plan
Proposers should submit a detailed operational plan for the entire Permitted Premises. This plan should include, but not be limited to, hours of operation, services to be provided,
any plans to install energy efficient appliances that have the Energy Star seal of approval and/or water conserving appliances, and any plans to use “Green Seal” or other environmentally friendly products or devices, staffing plans, safety and security plans, merchandise to be sold, programming plans, mechanisms to measure customer satisfaction, a detailed list of all proposed fees and prices, rubbish removal, and cleaning schedules.

All plans, schedules, services, merchandise, prices and fees, and hours of operation are subject to Parks’ prior, written approval. This concession is for the sale of books and related merchandise only. Books must comprise the majority of the items available for sale. All items sold must be associated
with books. These items may include t-shirts, bags, postcards, and souvenirs. All items and prices are
subject to Parks’ approval.

Parks will view favorably operational plans or proposals that make a significant improvement to the quality and ambiance of the park, merchandise that is inventive and interesting and beyond traditional merchandise, and plans to use environmentally friendly products and practices.

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