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About US

MASU is the name of a species of salmon in Japanese, also known as cherry salmon.

MASU will live in the river during their early life and swim to the ocean to live until maturity. When they become mature, they will swim back to the river to spawn.

MASU can swim and live in the river and the ocean, and it will give birth to the next generation when it becomes mature. MASU live a unique lifestyle; they can live in different environments, spawning and feeding the next generation over and over.

We are a tech company and believe in the nature of beauty.
We create and machine learn. And we invent the best value for the brands we work for through user-friendly designs, data solutions, and analytics.

"We Create and Machine Learn"-Giovanna Sun -Founder at Masu Internet

Work Samples and Portfolios upon request.

Contact info@masu.tech
Website: www.masu.tech

Why choose us?

We can help you start from scratch, we listen to your brand story and help you with the brand identity from logo to website and make your business outstanding to your market.

Our team included award-winning web designer, international award-winning art photographers and many most the best creative talents to help you grow your business.

Your Name: Giovanna Sun
Business Name: Masu Internet Inc