Standing Ovation Presentations - Public Speaking Training

Stop being a “B” list performer. Learn to deliver award-winning presentations.

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage” He didn’t say we have to like being on it.

Yet, branding & licensing genius, Tommy Schweiger says: “Anyone who’s in business is in show business. You’re on the stage of your industry… you must be able to convey the message of whatever you’re selling in such a way that prospective customers will find it interesting and have complete confidence in you delivering it.”

How are you showing up on your industry’s stage? Are you a “background player, yearning to be a SuperStar?” Are you crushing low budget indies but know you have what it takes to be a box office draw?

This dynamic program will show you how to:
• Master the secret to irresistible stage presence
• Develop vocal skills to command a room
• Create engaging scripts for (sales pitches, value propositions, PowerPoint presentations)
• Discover your ActorType* and step into the role that works for you
• Overcome stage fright and get comfy in the spotlight

Perfect for: Thought Leaders, Emerging Leaders, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, anyone who needs to stand in front of 1-10,000 people and speak.

Not good for: People who are convinced that fear of public speaking is incurable.