Become the Leader You Want to Be

I believe we thrive in our work and our ventures when we are encouraged to take risks and follow our passion.

If becoming the leader you want to be and/or building a healthy organizational culture is your goal, I can help. My aim is to bring the skills I have learned as a high school principal, educator, writer and leadership coach to a broader community of women, coaching you to become a leader who inspires trust from your employees, your clients and your customers.

If you’d like to find out more about working with me, I’m offering a free half hour consultation to members of the WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT community.

Then, if we decide to move ahead together, you can sign up for 3 one-hour sessions at a reduced price of $575, here. The sessions are available in person at my home in East Hampton, NY, or via SKYPE.

Your Name: Jane Modoono
Business Name: Modoono Leadership Training