Intuitive Wellness Consultation $125

Self-care is one of the most neglected aspects of living a healthy lifestyle. As a single, professional woman, you try your best to manage all the moving parts, but your life may feel out of balance and you're exhausted from being a superwoman. Stress, fatigue, low energy and sugar cravings may be part of your reality. All you want is to feel healthy and vibrant in your unique body.

Finding the right balance between self-care and caring for others is absolutely possible with guidance and support. Whether you're a single mom, busy professional, or caregiver, finding time to take care of yourself and be healthy can be accomplished. With small lifestyle changes, you can feel deeply nourished, full of energy and excited about your life again.

Through our work together, we tackle everything from eating healthy to managing stress to exploring spiritual practices that work for you. Together we create a bridge to living the vibrant and healthy life you've always wanted.

Schedule an intuitive wellness consultation to get your health and wellness journey started.

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