Member Spotlight: Ramona Cedeno, Founder & CEO of FiBrick

Member Spotlight: Ramona Cedeno, Founder & CEO of FiBrick

WNWN: Ramona, it’s wonderful having you as an active member of WHAT NOW WHAT NEXT’s Marketplace. We always love sharing the new listings you create for your events and workshops and for your business overall.

You have so many impressive titles too! You’re a CPA, CGMA and CFP and you have more 15-years-experience as a Financial Controller for Fortune 500, pre-IPO start-ups, and small companies as well.

FiBrick, the company you founded and lead, has a strong track record creating strategies to help women business owners manage their finances across the board. Can you tell our members a little bit about your company?

Ramona: FiBrick works with two main sectors: technology and general services. Our clients in technology include software, e-commerce, digital marketing and IT managed services. Our general services clients head businesses in many sectors, including wellness, interior design & architecture, consulting, legal services and event planning.

WNWN: We met as mentors for WE NYC, an initiative of the New York City Department of Small Business Services that supports women entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses. What drives your ongoing passion to help other women business owners succeed?

Ramona: There is a saying, or at least I read it once, that goes "no one is truly happy, until we are all happy." There’s no easier way to contribute to someone else’s happiness and success than to share what comes naturally to us. And being supportive to others is second nature to me. Being the oldest of four sisters, you could say I have a sweet spot for women and making them feel supported.

WNWN: What are some of the services your company offers that can help our Marketplace members grow their own ventures?

Ramona: At FiBrick, we aim to make a business’s financial data accessible to its owners in a quick and easy manner and as completely as possible. This makes business owners feel empowered to manage their cash flow and make decisions faster. We do this by providing bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning, and fractional CFO’s, centered around the specific needs of our clients: cash flow management, fundraising, scaling or planning for the financial future. Every business will definitely benefit from one or more of these services.

WNWN: What’s the biggest thing women business owners do wrong when it comes to their company's finances?

Ramona: From my perspective (a finance-focused one), it's their fear of being open about their lack of confidence when it comes to the numbers. Most women believe they are not good with money or finance (this is just a belief in most cases,) but because they don't seek help, they let that belief take control and they don't give themselves the opportunity to find out that they are actually better at it than they think.

WNWN: What are two or three tips you can share with women business owners who are struggling to expand their own ventures?

Ramona: Get a ton of help; ask for a ton of help and be open to the feedback. Plan every move you will make for your business, whether it's a marketing campaign, investing in a new hire, or paying yourself. Evaluate everything on a continuous basis, looking at what's working, what's not, #and what you could have done differently, - then implement changes without regrets.